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To transfer files between your desktop and the ALICE file systems you first need to setup your ssh configurations to allow key-based login to the sshgw machine, including the ssh login tunnels as described in Login to cluster. After this you can startup WinSCP and configure a session to ALICE login node 1:


Select the 'New Site' and specify as Host Name: localhost and as Port number: 2222 (which are the settings for the tunnel you have running, since you have started putty with the ALICE_GW config). You can now setup the key-based authentication by clicking the Advanced button. In the new window, select SSH and then Authentication. In the Private key file box, you browse to the private key file you have previously created (see Login to cluster for details). You may choose from the File protocol drop-down menu either SCP or SFTP. It does not matter for the main window of WinSCP which protocol is used.


Once this has been done, save this configuration into a session config by clicking Ok and then clicking Save. Give this configuration a useful name, e.g. ALICE login1, and click Ok.


You can now click the Login button. On first access, you may be presented a confirmation window for key exchange. Click Ok.


Now you will be presented the WinSCP main window. On the left, you have the local file system and on the right, you have the remote file system on ALICE login node 1, your home directory.


Now you can transfer files to and from ALICE.