When will my job start?

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When will my job start?

ALICE uses a fair-share scheduling policy(see Policies). There is no guarantee on when a job will start, since it depends on a number of factors. One of these factors is the priority of the job, which is determined by

  • All our resources use a fair-share scheduling policy.
  • No guarantees on when job will start, so plan ahead!
  • Job priority is determined by:
    • historical use: the aim is to balance usage over users, so infrequent (in terms of total compute time used) users get a higher priority
    • aim is to balance usage over users
    • requested resources (# nodes, Jobs and walltime, )
      • larger resource request => lower priority
    • time waiting in queue
      • queued jobs get higher priority over time
    • user limits
      • avoid that a single user fills up an entire cluster
Partition MaxNodesPerUser MaxJobsinQueue (running and waiting) MaxTime
cpu-short no-limit 100 2 hours
cpu-medium 18 30 1 day
cpu-long 15 30 7 days
gpu-short no-limit 100 2 hours
gpu-medium 8 16 1 day
gpu-long 7 14 7 days
mem 15 30 7 days
test no-limit 4 1 hour
playground-cpu no-limit 1 infinite
playground-gpu no-limit 1 infinite
notebook-cpu no-limit 1 infinite
notebook-gpu no-limit 1 infinite

It might be beneficial to request less resources (e.g., not requesting all cores in a workernode), since the scheduler often finds a “gap” to fit the job into more easily.