Warning message when first connecting to new host

From ALICE Documentation

Warning message when first connecting to new host

  $ ssh [myaliceaccount]
  The authenticity of host (<IP-adress>) can’t be established.
  <algorithm> key fingerprint is <hash>
  Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

Now you can check the authenticity by checking if the line that is at the place of the underlined piece of text matches one of the following lines:

 RSA key fingerprint is 2f:0c:f7:76:87:57:f7:5d:2d:7b:d1:a1:e1:86:19:f3 
 RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:k+eqH4D4mTpJTeeskpACyouIWf+60sv1JByxODjvEKE 
 ECDSA key fingerprint is 13:f0:11:d1:94:cb:ca:e5:ca:82:21:62:ab:9f:3f:c2 
 ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:1MNKFTfl1T9sm6tTWAo4sn7zyEfiWFLKbk/mlT+7S5s 
 ED25519 key fingerprint is fa:23:ab:1f:f0:65:f3:0d:d3:33:ce:7a:f8:f4:fc:2a 
 ED25519 key fingerprint is SHA256:5hnjlJLolblqkKCmRduiWA21DsxJcSlpVoww0GLlagc 

If it does, type yes. If it doesn’t, please contact support: