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!!!! New location for ALICE wiki !!!!

The wiki of the ALICE HPC cluster has moved to a new location:

So far, there have been separate user wikis for ALICE HPC cluster and the SHARK HPC cluster at LUMC. However, there is a great deal of overlap in terms of information that you as a user need to work on ALICE or SHARK. Therefore, the support teams of both clusters have launched a new joined HPC user wiki. The new wiki provides information specific to each cluster in addition to a user guide and tutorials which apply to both clusters. There is also a news section, a calendar where we publish events, information about user meetings and workshops

This wiki is frozen and should no longer be use. If you encounter any issues, please contact the ALICE Helpdesk.

This user guide will help you get started if you are new to ALICE and working on an HPC in general.

Work in progress
Work in progress