The scratch-shared file system

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The scratch-shared file system on /data

In addition to the home file system that is shared among all nodes, you also need storage for large files that is shared among the nodes.

For this, we have a shared scratch disk accessible through

cd /data or cd ~/data

The size of this shared scratch space is currently 57 TB and there is no quota for individual users.

Consider the following properties of the shared scratch space when you use it for your jobs:

  • The speed of /data is similar to the home file system and thus slower than the local scratch disk (see next section).
  • You share /data with all other users and there may not be enough space to write all the files you want. Thus, carefully think how your job will behave if it tries to write to /data and there is insufficient space: it would be a waste of budget if the results of a long computation are lost because of it.
  • Because you share the disk space with all users, make sure that you store large amounts of data only as long as is necessary for completing your jobs.