Specifying the cluster on which to run

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Specifying the cluster on which to run

To use other clusters, you can swap the cluster module. This is a special module that change what modules are available for you, and what cluster your jobs will be queued in. By default you are working on victini. To switch to, e.g., skitty you need to redefine the environment so you get access to all modules installed on the skitty cluster, and to be able to submit jobs to the skitty scheduler so your jobs will start on skitty instead of the default victini cluster.

 $ module swap cluster/skitty

Note: the skitty modules may not work directly on the login nodes, because the login nodes do not have the same architecture as the skitty cluster, they have the same architecture as the victini cluster however, so this is why by default software works on the login nodes. See section 8.9 for why this is and how to fix this. To list the available cluster modules, you can use the module avail cluster/ command:

 $ module avail cluster/ 
 cluster/golett (S) cluster/phanpy (S) cluster/skitty (S) cluster/swalot 
    (S) cluster/victini (S,L)
  S: Module is Sticky, requires --force to unload or purge 
  L: Module is loaded
 If you need software that is not listed, request it via support/software-installation-request

As indicated in the output above, each cluster module is a so-called sticky module, i.e., it will not be unloaded when module purge (see Purging all modules) is used.

The output of the various commands interacting with jobs (qsub, stat, ...) all depend on which cluster module is loaded.