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Solved issues

This page contains recently solved issues. After some time, entries will be removed.

List of recently solved issues

  • E-Mail notifications not always working:
    • We discovered an issue with e-mail notificaitions from ALICE. It seems that sometimes e-mails a not delivered to the recipient. However, most notifications are still being send properly.
    • E-mail notifications should work again properly. If you still notice issues, please contact the ALICE Helpdesk.
    • Status: Solved
    • Last Updated: 19 Apr 2021, 12:17 CET

  • SSH connection breaking up after a few minutes
    • We have received several reports that since last week ssh connections to ALICE are getting closed after a few minutes of being idle. This has not been the case before the 1 Feb.
    • Changes to the ssh gateway require the client to keep SSH connection alive. This can be achieved by using the ServerAliveInterval setting (e.g., "ServerAliveInterval 60") in your ssh config settings for ALICE.
    • Status: Solved
    • Last Updated: 16 Mar 2021, 12:48 CET