SLURM-Get Job Usage Statistics

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Get Job Usage Statistics

It can be helpful to fine-tune your job or requests knowing the resources that were used. The

sacct --jobs=<job_id>

command can provide some usage statistics for jobs that are running, and those that have completed.

Output can be filtered and formatted to provide specific information, including requested memory and peak memory used during job execution. See the man pages for more information.

      [me@nodelogin01~]$ sacct --jobs=383 --format=User,JobID,account,Timelimit,elapsed,ReqMem,MaxRss,ExitCode
           User         JobID      Account     Timelimit      Elapsed       ReqMem      MaxRSS ExitCode
      --------- ------------- ------------ ------------- ------------ ------------ ----------- --------
           user 383                lc_alice1      02:00:00     01:28:59  	 1Gc                  0:0
            	383.extern         lc_alice1                   01:28:59          1Gc                  0:0