Running interactive jobs

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It is possible to run interactive jobs from the queue manager Slurm.

Setup an appropriate tunnel

If you want to access the IPython notebook web interface you must make sure you have a tunnel available to the port on which this web interface serves the IPython notebook output. You can for instance add into your ~/.ssh/config file the following lines (assuming you will be running the interactive session on node015):

 Host alice-notebook
   LocalForward 8989 node015:8989
   ProxyJump <username>
   User <username>

or any of the other methods described in the ssh and sftp access section.

Then login to ALICE and create the slurm submission script:

 # lenocil
 #SBATCH --job-name=sjongejongejonge
 #SBATCH -w node015
 #SBATCH --mem=8000
 #SBATCH -n 1
 #SBATCH -c 1
 #SBATCH -p cpu
 module use /cm/shared/easybuild/modules/all
 module load IPython/5.7.0-foss-2018a-Python-2.7.14
 module load AMUSE
 srun ipython notebook --ip= --no-browser --port=8989 

Submit it and take note of the notebook token in the out file.

Then open a local terminal and do

 ssh alice-notebook

Open your browser to

 http://localhost:8989/?token=<taken form output slurm>

and voila' you can even use amuse in the notebook!