Running interactive jobs

From ALICE Documentation

It is possible to run interactive jobs from the queue manager Slurm.

Setup an appropriate tunnel

If you want to access the IPython notebook web interface you must make sure you have a tunnel available to the port on which this web interface serves the IPython notebook output. You can for instance add into your ~/.ssh/config file the following lines (assuming you will be running the interactive session on node015):

 Host alice-notebook
   LocalForward 8989 node015:8989
   ProxyJump <username>
   User <username>

or any of the other methods described in the ssh and sftp access section.

Then login to ALICE and create the slurm submission script:

 # lenocil
 #SBATCH --job-name=sjongejongejonge
 #SBATCH -w node015
 #SBATCH --mem=8000
 #SBATCH -n 1
 #SBATCH -c 1
 #SBATCH -p cpu
 module use /cm/shared/easybuild/modules/all
 module load IPython/5.7.0-foss-2018a-Python-2.7.14
 module load AMUSE
 srun ipython notebook --ip= --no-browser --port=8989 

Submit it and take note of the notebook token in the out file.

Then open a local terminal and do

 ssh cfer-notebook

Open your browser to

 http://localhost:8989/?token=<taken form output slurm>

and voila' you can even use amuse in the notebook!