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==[[Online Documentation and Resources]]==
{{:Online Documentation and Resources}}
*GNU compiler online documentation:
*MPI Home pages:
*Free MPI implementation useful for testing:
*HPC training material by ORNL:
*An MPI tutorial:
*HPC tutorials by NCSA
*HPC carpentry
==[[MPI programming]]==
==[[MPI programming]]==

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Online Documentation and Resources

MPI programming

  • MPI: The Complete Reference. Snir, Otto, Huss-Lederman, Walker and Dongarra. MIT Press. ISBN 0 262 69184 1
  • MPI: The Complete Reference, volume 2. Gropp et al. MIT Press. ISBN 0262571234
  • Using MPI. Gropp, Lusk, Skjellum. MIT Press. ISBN 0 262 57104 8

OpenMP programming

  • Parallel Programming in OpenMP. Chandra, Kohr, Menon, Dagum, Maydan, McDonald. Morgan Kaufmann. ISBN: 1558606718

Parallel programming

  • Practical Parallel Programming. Gregory V. Wilson. MIT Press. ISBN 0 262 23186 7
  • Designing and Building Parallel Programs. Ian Foster. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0 201 57594 9
  • Parallel Computing Works! Roy D. Williams, Paul C. Messina (Editor), Geoffrey Fox (Editor), Mark Fox Morgan Kaufmann Publishers; ISBN: 1558602534
  • Parallel programming with MPI. Peter S. Pancheco. The complete set of C and Fortran example programs for this book are available at:

Programming languages

  • Fortran 90/95 Explained. Metcalf and Reid. Oxford Science Publications. ISBN 0 19 851888 9
  • Fortran 90 Programming. Ellis, Philips, Lahey. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-201-54446-6
  • Programmers Guide to Fortran90. Brainerd, Goldberg, Adams. Unicomp. ISBN 0-07-000248-7
  • The High-Performance Fortran Handbook. Koelbel, Loveman, Schreiber, Steele, Zosel. ISBN 0-262-11185-3 / 0-262-61094-9
  • Parallel Programming using C++. G.V.Wilson and P Lu. MIT Press. ISBN 0 262 73118 5

Programming skills

  • Debugging and Performance Tuning for Parallel Computing Systems, Simmons et al.
  • Foundations of Parallel Programming, A Machine-independent Approach, Lewis.