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Most maintenance is performed during regular hours with no interruption to service.  System wide maintenance is usually planned ahead of time and is scheduled for Wednesdays from 8AM to 5PM with at least 10 days notice.  These will be planned to occur four times per year.

The notification will describe the nature and extent (partial or full) of the interruptions of HPC services.

Batch queues will also be modified prior to scheduled downtimes to hold jobs which request more wallclock time than remains before the shutdown.

Emergency Maintenance

Unavoidable (emergency) downtime may occur as a result of any of the above reasons at almost any time. Such events are rare and great effort is made to avoid these situations. However, when emergency maintenance is needed, the UITS unit responsible for the item affected will provide as much notice to users as possible and work to resolve the fault as quickly as possible.

Any emergency outages will be announced via email through the alice[[1]] mailing list.

Maintenance announcements

There is no maintenance with downtime planned with downtime.