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Off to research computing Wonderland

ALICE is the computing facility for excellent research of Leiden University. With ALICE you have the world of computing at your fingertips. On this wiki, you can find the information you'll need to get started and become more skilled in using computing to support your research.

For background information, read the About ALICE page.

Please know that this wiki is currently a work in process. We appreciate any questions or comments on the contents so that we can improve the range of information that we supply here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALICE is still in a build-up phase. Configurations are still subject to change. You may, therefore, experience unexpected behaviour for the time being.

Use of the ALICE cluster must be acknowledged in any and all publications. For more info see: About ALICE


Maintenance day on 05 October 2020

Maintenance will be performed on the entire cluster, i.e., it will be offline for the entire day. Please have a look below to see how this affects your jobs.

This is the current timeline for the maintenance day

  • Sun, 04 Oct. 2020 at 08:00 CEST: we will start to drain nodes, so that no more new jobs can be scheduled, but existing jobs can finish until the maintenance day.
  • Mon, 05 Oct 2020 at 08:00 CEST: any jobs that are still running will be cancelled. Therefore, you should make sure that your jobs will have finished until then.
  • Tue, 06 Oct. 2020: all nodes should be back running and the cluster will be available to you again. We expect that jobs that were in the queue but not yet scheduled will remain there until the cluster is back online, but we cannot guarantee this. Therefore, please check if your job is still in the queue when the cluster is back online.

We recommend that you check this page regularily for updates on the status of the cluster before, during and after the maintenance day.

To maintenance policy

Getting Started

If you're new to ALICE, please check out the Getting Started page.

Gaining access

Access to the cluster and file transfer are done via SSH and SCP/SFTP. Select one of the below links for more detail or click on the heading of the paragraph for a full overview.

Access Policy

Access needs to be granted actively (by the creation of an account on the cluster by the ALICE Cluster workgroup. Use of resources is limited by the scheduler. Depending on the availability of queues ('partitions') granted to a user, priority to the system's resources is regulated on the basis of Faculty/institute/PI levels.


Cluster Monitoring Software and Scheduler

ALICE uses Bright Cluster Manager software for overall cluster management and Slurm as the scheduler.

Installed software

Globally installed software, modules

Cluster configuration

Find here a hardware description of the ALICE cluster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find here a list of frequently asked questions for the ALICE cluster.