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To login to the ALICE cluster, you need to perform a hop-like login sequence. The two login nodes of the ALICE cluster cannot be accessed directly. One must first log in to an ssh gateway and then to one of the login nodes. This mechanism is required for both login and file transfer operations. Below we describe how to perform these actions from Linux and Windows, separately. {{:Login to ALICE from Linux}

Login to ALICE from Windows

There are multiple ways to connect to ALICE.

Below a list in order of complexity using:

Login to ALICE from MAC OS

Logging in with a Mac requires no extra installation on your local machine.

  • Under “File”, open a new finder window. Navigate to the “Applications” folder, then the “Utilities” folder. Open a terminal window.
  • Edit your ~/.bash_profile to incorporate:
   export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
   export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 

  • Open a new tab to make sure these settings are in effect (Shell -> New Tab).
  • Edit your ~/.ssh/config file and put in:
Host hpc1 
  ProxyJump <USERNAME>

(Replace <USERNAME> by your own ULCN account name.)

Now you can login to the ALICE login 1 node by typing on the command line:

ssh hpc1

All other settings are similar to the Linux login setup