Login to ALICE using MobaXterm

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This instructions shows you how to make a SSH connection to a host using the MobaXTerm's 'jump host' feature. This is helpful when making SSH connections to systems behind firewalls that provide an ssh gateway host, like an ALICE login node. One potential complication is that credentials for the gateway host may differ from those on the desired destination host. MobaXTerm's interface makes these connections easy.

Note: Since the ssh gateway server is outside the firewall, a VPN connection is _not_ required.

First, we need to download MobaXterm, go to

Select the 'Portable edition'. Initiate the download by clicking on the button.

  • Unpack the zipped file and extract the two files in the zip archive to a place of your liking.
  • Now you can start using MobaXterm.
  1. In the directory where you saved the two downloaded files, double click the MobaXTerm icon, and enter the name of your desired destination host in the 'Find existing session or server name . . .' box. For example, use ''
    Enter destination

  2. On entering a host name and pressing enter, you must choose a protocol. For this, choose 'SSH' by clicking that button in the upper left.
    Protocol selection window

  3. In the 'Basic Settings' box, make sure your destination host is listed in the 'Remote Host' box and enter your username

  4. To specify that we want to use an ssh gateway host click on the 'Network settings' tab, and enter the name of the gateway host. In this case, it's ''. Note that the username is the same as that used for the destination host.

  5. When you click 'OK' at the bottom of the session settings window, MobaXTerm will ask for the password for the ALICE user account on the gateway host.

  6. Once connected through the gateway host, the session will require you to enter your password for the ALICE destination host.

  7. Once connected, your session should show you a prompt. The prompts on systems vary, but in the example, you can see both the user name, host mname, and current directory displayed before the '$' prompt on the ALICE login node.

  8. With MobaXterm you see a directory listing of your home directory on ALICE in the left column of the main window. As MobaXterm has the string Xterm in it, it does allow X11 redirection to your Windows Machine. So, if you start an X11 enabled application the graphical results will be displayed on your Windows display. For instance, type xterm of Firefox and you get their display on your screen.

Note: In order to keep the ssh connection from breaking up after a few minutes of being idle, go to "Settings->Configuration->SSH" and enable the setting "SSH keepalive" under "SSH Settings".