Getting Support on ALICE

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Getting support

The Leiden University provides support for users on ALICE and can be contacted via email at (mail request).

When you send ALICE staff an email or submit a request through our ticketing system, it’s important to provide the detailed information that will help us understand your problem and find the right solutions. This will save you time.

  • Your name
  • Your account/PI

Include All Job Information

If you are trying to run a job, please include the following information:

  • Job ID
  • Lines from your Slurm file or job submission request
  • Any of the following that may be related to your problem:
    • Error messages
    • Slurm output or error files
    • Screenshots
    • Portions of your code, for example, any libraries you install or import

Include Observations about Job Runs

Finally, please tell us if there are inconsistencies, such as:

  • Did some jobs run on some nodes but not on others?
  • Is the behaviour reproducible or erratic?
  • Has the behaviour you’re experiencing changed recently? When?

If you are installing software

If you are trying to use or install software, please include:

  • Name and version of the software
  • Commands that give you an error
  • Any error messages you receive
  • A link to the website or GitHub repository you installed the software from
  • A link to the installation directions