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This page is meant as a step-by-step guide to help you on your way with using ALICE.

It is currently a work in progress, have any tips for us? Please let us know by email:


Note: If you don't have an account yet, please request one: Getting an account



Before you set up your connection to ALICE, it is useful to have a generic view of the environment. The picture below describes how the connection to the HPC is going to be set up.

Alice Overview.jpg

Name Function IP / DNS
Gateway The gateway provides a secure method of authenticating over SSH.

From your workstation you can connect to the Gateway, this Gateway will be able to connect to both the Storage as well as the Login node.
Login The two login nodes can be used to prepare your work. After setting up your calculations, you can place a calculation request in the queue.

Data Share The data share node is used to store any research data used to perform your calculation. (
Management The management node can be used to retrieve information concerning the HPC.
Queue The queue is a mechanism of Slurm, when a job is first in line it is picked up when compute resources are available.
Compute Nodes When the compute nodes are assigned with a job they execute the calculation.


Before anything, you'll need access, for more info, see: Gaining access

Connecting to ALICE is done using port-forwarding and/or tunnels. The steps to follow depend on your local operating system. The following step-by-step guides are set up:

Having finished this step, you will have access to both the command line and the file system of ALICE. In the next steps we'll explain how to start using ALICE.

In progress.