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File transfer from and to Linux

Before you can transfer files you need access to the login nodes of ALICE. For details on setting up ssh logins see Login to cluster. Once you hae successfully setup the ssh configurations you can use two different methods to transfer data: scp and sftp.

scp file transfer

You need to know to which file systems on ALICE you can and want to copy your files. See the File systems section for detail on which directory structures are available to you. Once you know where to/from you want to copy data use the unix scp command to perform the copy operation. Note: you have successfully setup key based authentication and made a ssh configuration host name hpc1:

 scp <local_file_name> hpc1:/data/<username>/

where you have previously created a directory on the /data file system

 mkdir /data/<username>

where <username> is your account name. This copies a local file to ALICE. To copy a file on an ALICE file system back to your local desktop or storage medium use:

 scp hpc1:/data<username>/<remote-file-name> .

where the . is representing the current directory. For more details on how to use scp te:

 man scp

sftp file transfer

File transfer from and to Windows Machine

File transfer from and to Mac