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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about logging in

How can I create an account?
What is my account name?

Your account name is the same as your University Account name, but it is a separate account with its own password. Provide this ULCN account name if you request an ALICE account.

When will my password expire

Your account will not expire until your ULCN account does. In case of any doubt please contact

How to create SSH key?

You can follow the instructions on SSH Keys

How to access the Alice cluster?

There are multiple ways to access Alice. Choose your preferred method here

How can I access the Alice cluster from outside the University network?

You will need access to the University SSH gateway. See SSH gateway

How do I set up MobaXterm?
How do I load modules when I log in?

When you login at the Alice login node, by default the file .bashrc will be run. You can add any command that you want to run at login to this file.