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ALICE node status

CPU nodes: Node015 is out-of-service
Gateway: UP
Head node: UP
Login nodes: UP
GPU nodes: UP
CPU nodes: Up (except for node015)
High memory nodes: UP
Storage: UP
Network: UP

Current Issues

  • Node015 out of service:
    • Node015 is out of service because of technical issues. We are in contact with our vendor.
    • Status: Work in Progress
    • Last Updated: 30 Nove 2021, 14:58 CET
  • Copying data to the shared scratch via sftp:
    • There is currently an issue on the sftp gateway which does prevents users from copying data to their shared scratch directory, i.e., /home/<username>/data
    • A current work-around is to use scp or sftp via the ssh gateway and the login nodes.
    • Status: Work in Progress
    • Last Updated: 30 Nov 2021, 14:56 CET

See here for other recently solved issues: Solved Issues

ALICE usage statistics past 4 hours

  • Cluster Load

  • Number of running processes