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User Portal

Computing clusters are usually managed by cluster managing software. ALICE uses the cluster management sofware from Bright. Bright Cluster Manager is currently is a popular choice for compute clusters of any size, including some very large ones. Bright is a spin-off from ClusterVision, the company that aided in implementing the cluster.

Login in to the User Portal

Logging into the BCM Portal can be done through a web browser. The address for the (temporary) portal is: https://localhost:8081/userportal Note: you must use port redirection (tunneling) as explained in ssh access to the cluster.

BMC user portal.png

Using the Bright Cluster Manager Portal

Through the portal various parameters and statistics can be found. This includes the architecture of the cluster, including available nodes, queues (partitions) etc, as well as the availability and current use of resources.

BMC user portal2.png

Further reading is provided through the BCM Portal

The portal offers various links that can be of interest to users of ALICE.

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