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**More in-depth
***[[Security considerations]]
***[[Slurm |How to run jobs]]
***[[Slurm#Monitor_Jobs|Control, inspect]]
***[[Slurm#Cancel_a_Job|Kill, suspend]]
***[[Running_interactive_jobs |Interactive jobs]]
***[[How jobs are scheduled]] (queries, prio)
***[[Your first job!]] "HW""
***[[Your first parallel job?]]
***[[How to manage my data]]
***[[Where to store which data]]
***[[Slurm#Environment Variables|Environment variables]]
***[[References and further reading]]
***[[Migrate to/from Alice]]
***[[Available software]]
****[[Standard generic software]]
****[[Software by discipline]]
***[[New software]]
***[[How to develop your own code]]
****[[Compilers, compiling]]
****[[Libraries, linking]]
****[[Parallel computing]]
****[[Shared, OpenMP]]
****[[Distrib, MPI]]

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