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*[[Bright Cluster Manager|Monitor cluster status with BCM]]
*[[Bright Cluster Manager|Monitor cluster status with BCM]]
*[[Ganglia Cluster Monitoring]]
*[[Ganglia Cluster Monitoring]]
*[[Slurm|Submit jobs with Slurm]]
*[[Slurm|Compose, submit and manage jobs with Slurm]]
*[[Running interactive jobs]]
*[[Running interactive jobs]]

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This is the documentation wiki for users of the ALICE compute cluster of Leiden University.

Off to research computing Wonderland


This wiki is the main documentation source for information about the ALICE cluster. ALICE (Academic Leiden Interdisciplinary Cluster Environment) is the research computing facility of the partnership Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center. It is available to any researcher from both partners. In this wiki, we will introduce the ALICE cluster in detail. We assume you know your way around in a terminal session and that you will use the cluster in a responsible, fair way and respect the available resources. Remember that a cluster runs many different processes submitted by many different users. If you are not sure what you are doing, ask your administrator before submitting very intensive jobs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALICE is still in a build up phase. Configurations are still subject to change. You may therefore experience unexpected behaviour for the time being.

Use of the ALICE cluster must be acknowledged in any and all publications.

Acknowledging ALICE: "This work utilized the ALICE supercomputer, which is supported by a joint effort of the Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center."

Gaining access

Access to the cluster and file transfer are done via SSH and SCP/SFTP. Select one of the below links for more detail or click on the heading of the paragraph for a full overview.

Access Policy

Account Access Policy

Access needs to be granted actively (by creation of an account on the cluster by the ALICE Cluster Workgroup. Use of resources is limited by the scheduler. Depending on availability of queues ('partitions') granted to a user, priority to the system's resources is regulated on the basis of Faculty/institute/PI levels.


Cluster Management Software and Scheduler

ALICE uses Bright Cluster Manager software for overall cluster management, and Slurm as job scheduler.

Installed software

Globally installed software, modules

Cluster configuration

Find here a hardware description of the ALICE cluster.